Vit-A-Zine sells a wide variety of cattle mineral, co-product balancers, custom livestock feeds, protein tubs, and much more. Check out the full line-up here.

We partner with some of the best in the business to bring you the top quality products you need to keep a healthy herd.

CONTACT USWe have a dedicated fleet of trucks to distribute and deliver our custom cattle feed across the USA. We also work with local dealers to extend our reach to the farthest corners of the Midwest.

Vit-A-Zine Cattle Mineral 

At Vit-A-Zine, our first concern is creating a totally balanced nutritional environment for cattle and other livestock on pasture and hay. To continue to achieve that status on highly fertilized fescue pasture meant that we had to radically change our basic nutritional format to allow for special nutrients which proved to be critical to the productive life of the animal. One such primary nutrient was magnesium. The magnesium level could become so acutely low within a 24-hour period as to cause the death of animals on the pasture.


Custom Services:
In addition to our complete line of products, Vit-A- Zine also offers custom services including:
Custom mixes
Mineral Pre-Mix
Toll Milling
Custom Bagging



Serving Cattlemen Since 1960

Located in Butler, Missouri, Vit-A-Zine was founded in 1960 by George B. Ross as an independently family-owned company. Today, we too are carrying forward the principles and goals that is the very foundation of Vit-A-Zine. We attribute our success in the feed business to the fact that we work directly with cattlemen and commercial dealers. As cattlemen ourselves, we know how to communicate with those who work with our products every day. We learn from those we serve, and listen to their concerns. By working directly with them, we have earned the confidence and trust of these hard-working cattlemen and dealers. Although we manufacture over a dozen different self-rationed pasture supplements, it is all based on a nutritional formula uniquely designed for pastures and that begins first with balanced nutrition.
Matt Briegel and Nathan Yoder
Co-Owners, Vit-A-Zine

Cattle Mineral

Vit-A-Zine carries a wide variety of cattle mineral and livestock feeds. We even specialize blends for your unique field topography and conditions. Check out our full products page here.

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